Wacky Wednesday

Isla is having a BIG week. Recital on Sunday, camp out this weekend, and I don’t think she could have crammed one more activity into her day yesterday. We had Muffins with Mom at school in the morning, then I helped chaperone her field trip to Safety Town in Frisco. It’s really cute- basically a miniature “town” with buildings and roads with stoplights, one-way streets, stop signs and cross walks. Half of the class drove Jeeps (and learned to follow traffic rules) while the other half were the pedestrians. Then they switched. So the chaperones were responsible for making sure that no one ran red lights, jay walked, or did this:

It was rough going at first but she eventually got it!

Cuties. I love her class.

At our school auction back in February, we signed Isla up for a one day cheerleading clinic taught by a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader (who also happens to be one of our substitute teachers- Jack’s favorite sub, lol). The clinic was right after school on Wednesday and they learned the cutest cheer and dance!

So after THAT she had a soccer game (and scored one goal and one assist!), then I left the kids with Brian and headed to book club. Wine was necessary after that crazy day.

Ok on the food front, I made a big casserole the other day that we’ve been eating for dinner the past couple of nights: Buffalo Chicken & Rice.

It’s nice because you don’t have to prepare the chicken ahead of time- it cooks with the rice in the oven. I used 4 Tbs of Frank’s buffalo sauce and it wasn’t too spicy. Oh and I also sprinkled some cheddar cheese on top before baking.

Served topped with green onions and a drizzle of blue cheese dressing:

This makes a big pan, so it would be a good one to make for dinner and then take for lunch later in the week. It reheated really well, too.

Ready for the weekend! I’m looking forward to hanging out with Jack- and maybe he’ll even get to play a soccer game?? Fingers crossed that the rain holds off for a change.

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