Broccoli Crust

I had such a fun weekend hanging out with this sweet guy:

We had dinner with my parents, visited the Perot museum (on Star Wars day!), had a movie night (The Sandlot- he LOVED it) and just hung out. He had three soccer games cancelled between Friday and Sunday so we had a lot of extra downtime. Brian and Isla had fun on their campout, too… though Brian was pretty much toast on Sunday.

I was digging through the freezer on Sunday night trying to figure something out for dinner, when I came across this broccoli & kale pizza crust buried in the back:

I think it was around 420 calories for the entire thing? You bake the crust, flip it, then bake for a few more minutes. The directions suggested broiling it after, but the edges were already starting to turn brown so I skipped that. I topped it with marinara, mozzarella, turkey pepperoni and fresh basil, then stuck it under the broiler until the cheese melted:

Verdict? Pretty darn good! You can definitely taste the broccoli, but in a good way (if you like broccoli, obviously). I like this better than the TJ’s cauliflower crust! Not a bad option to have on hand- and hopefully to keep me out of the kids’ pizza.

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