NYC Recap

FINALLY getting around to writing an NYC recap! We had a busy weekend with end-of-the-year parties and finishing out the saddest soccer season ever (stupid rain). Today was our first day with nothing on the calendar, so it finally feels like summer vacation is upon us!

We left for NYC early Sunday morning (my birthday!), along with my parents, brother and sister-in-law. We went straight from the airport to our hotel, the Omni in Midtown Manhattan. After that we did a little exploring- grabbed a slice of pizza, did some shopping (I found CUTE kids clothes at Uniqlo). Then we met back up with my family and headed to Little Italy for dinner.

We ate dinner at Caffe Napoli, and I’m an idiot and forgot to take any food pics. BUT I had the best arugula salad with shaved parm and pistachios, and tortellini bolognese. It was delicious!

After that we headed over to Rockefeller Center to visit the Top of the Rock. Brian is NOT a fan of heights, but he managed to rally (though I didn’t see him hanging off the edge snapping pics or anything). It was crowded but such a gorgeous view!

We had the sweetest birthday card waiting for us in our room, along with champagne, cheese plate and fruit. Our room was beautiful and wayyyyy bigger that I anticipated. I’d heard horror stories about NYC hotel rooms but this one was fab.

On Monday morning, Brian, Laura, my dad and I took a walk through Central Park- and just *happened* to end up at Levain Bakery. I have no idea how… lol.

Oh my lord. THE COOKIES. Literally the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever tasted. I may have smuggled a few home “for the kids” (yeah right). I also grabbed a chocolate chip brioche for breakfast and it was just as fantastic.

On Monday afternoon the boys went exploring, and the girls wandered around Bergdorf’s and then to the Plaza for afternoon tea. It was so fun! The Plaza even smells amazing (a signature gardenia scent- who knew??). I’ve never been a hot tea fan, but the waiter recommended a vanilla toffee tea that just may have converted me. They brought us a tower with scones, tea sandwiches and little pastries. It was all delicious! I’m dying to take Isla to their Eloise tea.

After the tea, we met back up with the guys and headed to Chelsea to walk the High Line, then trekked to Hudson Yards. The Vessel was super cool, though we weren’t able to get tickets to climb the structure.

The shopping center behind it was very chic- we didn’t have a ton of time to walk around but the shops and restaurants looked cool.

On Monday night we grabbed dinner at the 2nd Avenue Deli (matzo ball soup, pastrami sandwich and pickles!), walked around Times Square, then back to the hotel to crash.


Tuesday was our last full day in NYC. We fully intended to head over to the Today Show to watch them film, but 5:30am hit and I was NOT getting out of that comfy bed. Once we pulled ourselves together, Brian and I headed down to Soho to the Glossier store. I was dying to check it out, and my sweet in-laws even gave me a gift card for my bday! I ended up with a pretty decent haul- boy brow, balm dot com (birthday cake!), cloud paint (which I’m LOVING), 2 lipsticks and their milky jelly cleanser. So far I’m loving all of it!

After that we took the NBC studio tour. Most of the shows are on hiatus right now, but we were able to see where they film NBC Nightly News, SNL (I was dying) and The Tonight Show. Unfortunately they didn’t allow pics- and are SUPER serious about that, as a woman on our tour discovered- but it was so interesting!

Post-tour, Brian and I rushed off to Serendipity3 for a frozen hot chocolate. That has been on my bucket list for years and it did not disappoint!

So Tuesday night was the REAL reason for our trip. My dad has served as the honorary consulate of Finland for North Texas and Oklahoma for the past 13 years. He received word in April that he would be awarded a medal from the president Finland. The Consulate General hosted a dinner in dad’s honor at his NYC residence, and we were graciously invited to attend. It was a beautiful ceremony and evening, and we are obviously so proud of him!

Yay Dad! He keeps telling the kids that they have to call him Sir Baba now.

After that we met up for drinks at the hotel, then Brian and I took off on a quest for a midnight street vendor hot dog. It was harder than expected but we tracked one down near Central Park:

Wednesday was travel day. We were supposed to get back to Dallas in time to pick up the kids from school, but due to tornadoes in the area we were re-routed to Houston. After sitting on the runway/in the airport for a few hours, we finally made it back to Dallas around 8pm… so just in time for their last day of school on Thursday AM! Thank goodness for Brian’s mom! She stayed with the kids the entire time, and since her flight was cancelled as well, they even got an extra day with Nana.

Whew, ok so that was our trip! It’s funny- typing it out I realize that we did A LOT, but I still have so much on my list that I wanted to see. Guess we need to plan another trip there soon!

(And God bless you if you’re still reading!!! That has to be my longest post ever… thanks for hanging in there!)

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  1. Gina says:

    I loved this. That is the great thing about New York……you cannot see it all and there is always a reason to go back.

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