Week of Crazy

Last week was CRAZY. In case you’re not in Dallas, we had the wildest storm last Sunday and the area is still recovering. We were getting ready to head to a birthday party around 1:45, when literally out of nowhere came 70 mph winds, large hail and torrential rain. It happened so fast that we didn’t even have time to get the cars in the garage. The lights went out and we all crammed into our hall bathroom (our interior “safe space” during storms). It sounded like our house was going to blow over and I was 100% sure it was a tornado. We’ve been through some crazy storms and tornado warnings and this was by FAR the worst. Turns out that it wasn’t a tornado but some kind of crazy downburst.

We were lucky in that we just lost power for about 27 hours and had some small limbs down. Our neighborhood looked like a war zone- giant trees fell through homes, skylights were shattered (so rain was pouring into houses), windows broken, shutters and shingles blown everywhere, brick walls collapsed, and metal streets signs were literally bent in half. Several friends didn’t have power until Wednesday. We went to Target today and they still have zero frozen foods, cheese or a functioning deli counter.

We spent a hot night at home on Sunday, then on Monday Brian went ahead and booked us a room at the Omni downtown. Our power actually came on late Monday afternoon as we were walking out the door to head downtown, but we opted to go ahead to the hotel- because 1. the kids were SUPER excited, and 2. we didn’t know how long the power would stay on. The hotel was full of families (and pets, ha) who had been displaced by the storm. It ended up being a really fun night! We took the kids to dinner, let them swim before bed, then ordered room service breakfast. It was good timing because Tuesday was Isla’s 7th birthday!!

We asked her what she wanted to do and she said get her nails done and then meet Brian for lunch. Done and done!

My parents also hosted a birthday dinner for Isla on Tuesday night. We asked her where she wanted to have dinner on her b-day and she immediately said, “Gia and Baba’s house.” Their power was out until Tuesday AM so it was touch and go for a while, but luckily it came back on in time and the kids had a blast! They swam, had a little luau and then pizza and cake. Isla was super excited to have her sweet friend Camille there too.

The rest of the week was kind of just scrambling to catch up. We had to throw out all of the food in our fridge and restock. Of course I had a load of laundry going in the washer when the power went out, so that was fun to deal with (so gross). Here’s to hoping the rest of the summer is less eventful!!

This is Jack’s last week of camp. Isla also has vacation bible school from 9-12 all week- she’s super excited, and I’m looking forward to a few hours of being able to get anything done. After this week we have NOTHING for the rest of the summer! Just vacation in a couple of weeks. Super excited to get back to Michigan.

Hopefully back to regular posting this week. Hope everyone is having a safe and fun summer so far!

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