Fancy Monday

Well the Magnolia Table cookbook has been coming in clutch around here lately. I’ve made the banana bread probably a dozen times, a couple of weeks ago I made the breakfast casserole for a trip to the lake, then last night we tried the sour cream chicken enchiladas. They are by no means fancy- the sauce is a mixture of canned verde enchilada sauce, sour cream, and cream of chicken soup- but they are easy and GOOD. I used low(er) carb tortillas, light sour cream, reduced fat Mexican cheese blend (the recipe calls for mozzarella, but I swapped it), and low fat cream of chicken. I also used a Costco rotisserie chicken for the meat. Other notes: I added lime juice to the sauce, and seasoned the chicken/green chile mixture well because it tasted a little bland.

This is way more involved than our usual Monday night dinner, but I wanted something I could eat for lunch the rest of the week, too. For the sides I just cooked one of those Knorr Spanish rice packets and threw together this avocado & tomato salad.

(That is actually Brian’s plate- I topped my enchilada with chopped tomatoes, jalapenos and more cilantro… his was prettier.)

So this week we are kitten-sitting Tucker’s brother, Copper. They are SO CUTE together. They spend 75% of the day wrestling and 25% passed out in a ball. I was a little apprehensive about basically going from zero cats to two, but it’s been super easy (though I’m pretty sure Chloe will be happy when we’re back down to 1 kitten).

Copper is definitely the more affectionate of the brothers… what personal space?

Ugh. So sweet.

Officially TWO WEEKS until the first day of school! I’m pretty sad about losing my buddies, though Jack told me at dinner tonight that, “this has been the best summer ever.” So maybe I should just take that as a win and quit while we’re ahead??

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