Ice Skating and Enchiladas

The kids signed up for the Dallas Public Library’s summer reading program this summer, and for every 10 days that they read 20+ minutes, they got a free book and tickets to different activities around town. They both chose zoo tickets (not a chance until October, kids) and ice skating passes. We finally made it to the ice rink today- which was a no-brainer, seeing as it was over 100 outside.

I tried yet another Skinnytaste recipe for dinner tonight: cheesy rotisserie chicken enchilada skillet. It’s a good, fast weeknight option, especially if you shred the rotisserie chicken ahead of time.  I used verde enchilada sauce, but it would be good with red sauce too. I broiled the top for a few minutes to get the cheesy a little crispy.

Topped with cilantro, sour cream and jalapenos. Also these surprisingly great From The Ground Up tortilla chips that are made from cauliflower. They were sampling them at Costco last week and Isla actually liked them (shocking).

Good recipe- though I may wait until it cools off a little before I make it again. Between the stove and the oven (500 degrees!) it got a liiiiittle warm in here.

We have 2 episodes left of season two of Big Little Lies and planning to binge watch tonight. It’s so good!

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