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It finally feels like fall in Dallas! Hallelujah. I mean, it’s supposed to be back up to 90 tomorrow… but the past 2 mornings of sweatshirt weather have been fabulous. Also the high on Friday is 60 and I WILL TAKE IT.

I’m hosting book club tomorrow so the house is all decorated for Halloween, inside and out. Poor Brian had to hang this guy on Sunday:

I’ve tried a couple of new recipes lately, both from Skinnytaste. The first was this slow cooker chicken and sausage creole. I made it last Tuesday to eat after soccer practice.


Served with white rice:

It was pretty good. Not spicy at all- the kids ate something else before practice, but this would have been fine for them (well for Jack… Isla wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole).

The other recent try was this air fryer salmon with maple soy glaze. It was really easy to throw together, and we had all of the marinade ingredients on hand. My only issue with this one was that the salmon was overcooked- I’ll try it again but next time check it after 5 minutes instead of 7.

Served with couscous and roasted broccoli:

I’m almost done with my September Book of the Month pick, This Tender Land. It is SO GOOD. If you liked Cold Mountain or Before We Were Yours, you’ll love this one.


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