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Nutcracker 2018

Sorry for the silence around here but Wednesday-Sunday was all about the Nutcracker for me and Isla. Tech rehearsal Wednesday, dress rehearsal Thursday, performances Friday, Saturday and Sunday. But it was SO FUN! It’s an amazing production. I sat through … Continue reading

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Big Birthday Weekend

I spent the day playing catch-up after a WILD weekend. Jack turned nine on Saturday, which doesn’t even seem possible. NINE. His last year of single digits. On one hand I hate how fast he’s growing up, but on the … Continue reading

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Taco Tuesday

So it’s raining again today, BUT the rest of the week has been gorgeous and Isla actually had soccer practice yesterday! It’s unclear as to whether or not she’ll have any more games (after playing not-a-one all season), but I’m … Continue reading

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Easing Back Into It

Hey guys! Long time no post. I’ve honestly been dreading writing this, but wanted to give you guys a heads-up as to what’s been going on. On Tuesday the 14th Brian and I both drove the kids to school for … Continue reading

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Clearing Out The Freezer

Is it a full moon or something? Because the kids were freaking crazy today. So. Much. Fighting. And over the DUMBEST STUFF. Three more weeks of summer, three more weeks of summer… I’m trying to use up food that’s hanging … Continue reading

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Jack Is Seven!

Well my sweet baby boy is officially SEVEN! How did that happen?! He had an awesome birthday today- presents and pancakes this morning, took cupcakes to school (And got to use the homework stamp! Apparently quite an honor, haha), went … Continue reading

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One Dish Dinner

Wow- crazy night, huh? I’ve been glued to the TV all night, and now I’m switching back and forth between WordPress and CNN. Even Jack is into it. I helped my dad babysit for Owen and Stevie tonight, and when … Continue reading

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Asian Beef Noodle Bowls

Monday again! I was up way too late last night and 6am came EARLY. Does anyone else get this crazy second wind (I just typed “wine”- haha) around 10pm? I’m dragging all day, and then the kids go to bed … Continue reading

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Summer Salad

Since we’ve been back home I’ve been doing a ton of cooking. I guess absence makes the heart grow fonder, because before we left for vacation I was officially OVER making meals. Having the week (plus) break from the kitchen, … Continue reading

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Weekend Recap

Ugh, y’all. It’s definitely Monday. I had a doctor’s appt this morning (always fun… nope), so I dropped the kids off at my mom’s, headed to the doctor and was sitting in the waiting room reading my book and enjoying … Continue reading

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