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Happy Easter 2016

Happy Easter! We have a little mid-day lull before we head over to my parents’ house for dinner. The kids were up past their bedtime last night dyeing eggs: Then Brian and I were up even later making a batch … Continue reading

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Here We Go Again

Brian and I are officially starting our 3rd (4th?? I can’t remember) Whole 30 tomorrow, so I bet you can guess what today entailed. GIANT Costco run and lots of meal prep. It’s heck of a lot easier to kick … Continue reading

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Christmas Peek 2015

I just want y’all to know that I’m writing this at midnight, AFTER book club. My mom shamed me today: “You didn’t post last night, and you’re not going to post tonight either because you have book club.” So here … Continue reading

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Summer Faves

You lucky kids who live in places that don’t hit you with a forecast like this MIGHT think that summer is almost over: (Because Mondays don’t suck enough, let’s just throw in a high of 108!) Anyway, you’re WRONG. It’s … Continue reading

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Vacation, Con’t.

Hey heyyy. So I’m definitely sunburned. Somehow I missed the tops of my legs with the sunscreen (SPF 50!!!) and now they’re all hot and itchy. Luckily the gift shop carries SunBum- my FAVE- so I’m slathering myself in aloe … Continue reading

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Long Weekend at the Lake

Hey guys!! Sorry that I didn’t post much last week, but the kids and I headed down to the lake on Wednesday afternoon and wi-fi was down through the entire visit. Don’t worry, I’ll repay you with 7835 pics in … Continue reading

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Isla is THREE!

So our sweet little Isla girl is officially three today: I can hardly believe it. These past three years have FLOWN by. It felt like she was a baby for about half a second and now she’s running around, dressing … Continue reading

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Bowl of Goodness

Hey guys! I usually do birthday posts the night before a b-day, but I’m going to wait and do Isla’s tomorrow on her actual birthday. We’re having a little family party for her and I want to include pics from … Continue reading

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Weekend Recap

I realized that I’ve hit a standstill in unpacking the house. We’re at the point now where everything we NEED is out, but we still have lots of boxes to unpack. Plus we still have an entire POD’s worth of … Continue reading

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Cheese Balls

Hey guys! Can’t believe it’s Sunday night already. We had another *festive* weekend. On Friday we had Jack’s super sweet Christmas program at school. He was an adorable little caroler and so proud to perform! Then Friday night I had … Continue reading

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