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Hey Dumplin’

First things first. I made this card a week or so ago and intended to share it with y’all on Valentine’s Day, but then life got in the way, I didn’t get cards mailed out and I didn’t want to … Continue reading

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Have you heard of Lake Baker? No? Well it’s in my front yard. Bring your canoe. We’ve had an insane amount of rain in the past 2 days. Last I heard it was 6 inches. Luckily *knocking on wood* we … Continue reading

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And In The Words Of Neil

Hello, my friend(s), hello… Doing a little preemptive blogging NOW so that I can crash after book club. I’m feeling a little shamed seeing as I haven’t actually finished the book (My Horizontal Life by Chelsea Handler), but I’m guessing … Continue reading

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Sneaky Sneaky

So I always get ridiculously excited when Target debuts a new designer line. It’s kind of an obsession that I get there as soon as it arrives so I can check everything out before it gets picked over. I’ve been … Continue reading

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Happy Jack

Is it sad that I debated heading to bed at 7:45? And I probably would have had we not needed to give Jack a bath. I’m tired, folks. So Jack turns 6 weeks tomorrow. I can’t believe it! And the … Continue reading

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Family Time

Great weekend! Gorgeous weather (no rain!), lots of family time, and good FOOD. I think Brian and I might be the only people in the state not all wrapped up in the Texas-OU rivalry. It seemed like all of Dallas … Continue reading

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I'm Hongry

Dinner’s in the oven and it smells SO GOOD. It’s kind of a random, made-up recipe and I hopefully not one of those that smells better than it tastes (This is my problem with chai tea. Smells amazing, but taste? … Continue reading

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Comfort Food

Uh, I’m seeing a problem with this whole Harry Potter-watching project. It’s night #2 and we’ve yet to finish the first movie. And in case any of you read Brian’s comment yesterday, I am NOT wearing a cape and glasses. … Continue reading

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Blame It On The Rain

No psycho animal photos today, folks. Sorry, I know that’s disappointing. You’ll just have to push through it… For some reason I wasn’t very hungry yesterday morning, so I just had a handful of grapes ($.57/lb at Newflower!!!) and took … Continue reading

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Photos of Chloe and Oatmeal

I asked my brother why he never reads the blog, and he said that he does, and “…it’s just photos of Chloe and oatmeal.” Hahaha, I can’t really argue with that. ‘Tis my life: Chloe and oatmeal. Back to school, … Continue reading

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