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Poor Brian. Jack and I got home from the library tonight and Brian was all giddy because he found mashed potatoes in the fridge and saw my cookbook open to a Shepherd’s Pie recipe. He looked so sad when I … Continue reading

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Winner, Winner (and a Chicken Dinner)!

Right now we’re playing a favorite game: “What’s Jack doing?” Basically it involves some weird sound coming out of the baby monitor, and us trying to figure out what the heck he’s doing in there. He’s been asleep for like … Continue reading

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Swing Low

Hey! Good news! It’s almost Friday. Before I had Jack, I got so restless just being at home. I was constantly coming up with things to do, errands to run, etc. NOW it’s a big deal run to the grocery … Continue reading

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Make Me Happy

I’m not a complicated person. Give me three things and I am a happy girl: 1. A clean house, 2. A napping baby, and 3. A big mug of coffee (or Diet Coke, or wine… depending on the time of … Continue reading

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I have a serious hankering for some chocolate right now… like almost to the point where I break into the baking cabinet for a handful of chocolate chips. It’s baaaaad. Anyway. We actually got some showers today! Woohoo! Unfortunately Jack … Continue reading

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Feed A Fever

So last night was kind of rough. I woke up at 6am with a fever of 101, which is crazy and weird because I never run a fever. It was not the best night of sleep- I was burning up … Continue reading

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Schooooool's Out For Summer…

Well, well, well… all finished with class! Until August 25th, at least. I totally overstudied for the final. I spent the past two days trying to memorize all of these different baking methods and all we really needed for the … Continue reading

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Baking is Fun

This week the kids I’m babysitting for are in camps from 9-1, so I actually get some time at home during the day! It’s weird. I ate lunch at home yesterday and realized that I’d probably only done this (during … Continue reading

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Chickpeas and Lollipops

Eat, Drink and Be Vegan is turning out to be quite the worthwhile purchase! Last night I made the Supercharge Me Cookies (awesome) and I just had the Goddess Chickpeas for lunch.  Basically it’s just mashed chickpeas dressed up with … Continue reading

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Chickpeas Please

We had a couple of awesome recipe successes last week, but I’ve been slacking on my picture posts. I have an old, clunky camera and it’s a pain to upload pics. But these were too good to pass over… First- … Continue reading

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