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Birthday Twins

Oh man, we had one exhausted boy tonight! The first week of December is big for our family; Jack’s birthday is the 1st and my mom’s is the 2nd. So we have lots to celebrate! Tonight we headed to Patrizio’s … Continue reading

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Honey, You Just Had A Baby In Your Pants

Okay, has anyone else watched “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant” on TLC? Brian and I had it on the other night and this poor woman literally delivered IN HER PANTS without knowing what was going on. The reinactment was … Continue reading

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Love Soup

I came to a sad realization yesterday: It had been days since my last legitimate vegetable. Isn’t that awful? My diet has gone swiftly downhill these past few months and I’m totally feeling it. So goal of the week is … Continue reading

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Just Call Me Gluey McCrafterson

Busy weekend = LONG POST! First up: Tonight’s Dinner. We headed up to the lakehouse this weekend, and stopped off at a produce stand on the highway for some home-grown okra. I’ve only had okra prepared two ways (other than … Continue reading

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We Have Ghosts

Thanks to everyone for the anniversary wishes! Yesterday was a nice, relatively low key day. Dropped the kiddos off at camp and went for a run (we’ve already hit 100 degrees twice and summer hasn’t even officially started… I didn’t … Continue reading

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Decorate My House, Please

Since moving into our house last September, we’ve finally gotten pretty much everything arranged.  The living room still has no furniture- but who actually uses their formal living room anyway? Details, details. I’m pretty happy with our decor in all … Continue reading

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