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Uh Oh, I Want Some More

You know what’s probably a good thing? That Society Bakery hadn’t yet set up shop in our hospital when Jack was born. But they’re set up now! And I couldn’t leave my doctor’s office without stopping to get “Jack” a … Continue reading

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Sweet & Salty

Has anyone else tried this chocolate? I’m kind of in love. The salty-sweet thing is right up my alley… salted chocolate, salted caramel, kettle corn… Last night I was a good girl and went to bed early (11- early for … Continue reading

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Hair On Your Chest

It must be Sunday night… sink full of dinner dishes, Jack’s singing in the tub (don’t worry, mom- Brian’s back there), toys EVERYWHERE, and it seems like Friday was 2 seconds ago. Sounds about right. We had a fun weekend. … Continue reading

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Important Meetings

Today started out ROUGH. I woke up to a large, unexpected charge on my credit card from my hosting company (I won’t go into it now because I want to give them a fair chance to fix the issue… hear … Continue reading

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Don't Mess With The Pregnant Lady

Ugh, drama day- but I’ll get to that in a minute… Chloe was so licky/scratchy last night and this morning. I don’t know what her deal was but she just wouldn’t settle down- allergies, maybe? That would make two of … Continue reading

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Yoga-nna Love This

Oh, that was a bad one. So as I mentioned yesterday, last night Brian had a work dinner so I was on my own… and since my poor husband is thoroughly both sick and tired of my vegan/vegetarian dishes, what … Continue reading

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No Bakes

So as you know, we celebrated my Dad’s b-day this weekend… and as I’ve said before I’ll use ANY excuse to exploit my family as my baked good guinea pigs. Apparently my grandmother used to make no-bake cookies when my … Continue reading

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Hey, Sugar

Anytime there’s a family gathering, I view it as an opportunity to exploit my relatives by using them as pastry guinea pigs.  Lucky for me, my brother’s birthday on Monday gave me the perfect excuse to try out a new … Continue reading

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