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Talking Shop

You know what I’m tired of? Going to like 4 grocery stores every week. Newflower has the best produce deals, Aldi has $.49 eggs and $0.99 hormone-free milk (gallon!), Target has diapers and Diet Coke… it’s crazy. Am I the … Continue reading

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Snow Day!

WOW. We had quite the storm hit Dallas last night. Apparently this is a big deal because there’s, like, a game or something this weekend? I don’t know. Sports sports sports, blah blah blah. Jack was up again around 4, … Continue reading

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Princess & The Pea

Jack and I are just hanging out, waiting for Brian to get home with the new jog stroller (and praying that it fits in the back of a Camry!!!). Today was super low-key. We left the house for a quick … Continue reading

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Who Done It

I may or may not have just finished watching the Duggar special… good god, that was emotional. Baaaaad idea. Anyway… Great weekend! It was pretty low-key, for the most part. I’ll give you the highlights. Friday night we grabbed dinner … Continue reading

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No Soup For You

Good News: I actually made dinner tonight! Bad News: Brian and I had to play pass the baby in order to actually eat it. You know that your pantry is too full when you forget about what food is in … Continue reading

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Love Soup

I came to a sad realization yesterday: It had been days since my last legitimate vegetable. Isn’t that awful? My diet has gone swiftly downhill these past few months and I’m totally feeling it. So goal of the week is … Continue reading

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Today flew by. I didn’t even really do anything- went for a run, showered, did some Sanitation and Safety reading, and then it was time to leave for class. I thought that the rail ran every 10 minutes, but apparently … Continue reading

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Hey hey, the baker is back… or the cook-er. Cook? Whatever. I bought Rachael Ray’s Just in Time cookbook at HomeGoods a couple weeks ago (for like $12- sweet!) and finally got around to trying out one of the recipes. … Continue reading

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Shop, Cook, Eat, Listen

Yesterday was surprisingly productive!  I made Oatmeal Pancakes from Kath Eats for brunch (with what time we got up, there’s no way I can call it breakfast), then we dropped Chloe off at Petco (I’ll post on that later… long … Continue reading

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Tofu Stew

We’ve been having the craziest storms around here lately! Last night was the 3rd time in about 2 weeks that tornadoes have popped up in the area.  We just got a lot of wind and lightning at our house, thankfully. … Continue reading

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