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Layers of Flavor

So after all that nap (or lack thereof) trauma yesterday, guess who slept ’til almost 10 this morning??? I think I’ve pinpointed the problem. After a little unwelcome probing, it appears that The Senator is getting MORE molars. Poor guy- … Continue reading

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We’ve had a breakthrough today. You’ve heard me whine about how hard it is to get Jack down for a nap lately. He squirms, fusses, kicks, throw his paci, etc., while we try to rock him to sleep. Eventually he … Continue reading

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I think I’ve figured out the key to Jack’s schedule. Usually he wakes up sometime between 6-8 to eat, and usually I put him back in his crib afterward and he sleeps until 8:30 or 9. I’ve realized that he … Continue reading

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Walk Hard

I feel like I’ve been in constant motion today- lots of walking and running. And that Baby Bjorn is not for wimps. It’s like having a 20(ish) lb weight strapped to your chest. An insanely cute weight that wiggles and … Continue reading

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Working for the Weekend

Has anyone else been watching The Marriage Ref? It’s hilarious. I’m trying to come up with a reason for Brian & I to go on the show. I’m thinking it would involve either his closet (WAIST-HIGH CLOTHES) or 16 & … Continue reading

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Pseudo-Comfort Food

Tonight was a typical “comfort food” meal… with a healthier twist (mwahahaha): Meatloaf Mashed Potatoes Fried Okra I bought a bunch of this really cool red okra last time we were at the lake, and tonight it was at the … Continue reading

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Muy Caliente

Guess what? AC is still out, which means we are STILL at my parents’ house… sweet. Fun weekend nonetheless. I’ve got a lot to write about, so you’re kind of getting two posts in one here! First up: SATURDAY I’ve … Continue reading

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Pass the Burger, Please

I gave up red meat almost 10 years ago, and the only thing I actually crave now and then is a burger. Luckily I think it’s just the whole meat/toppings/bun (and fries, obviously!) combo that I really want, so a … Continue reading

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