Never Gonna Give You Up

I’m so so so tired right now! Two nights in a row of <6hrs sleep = no bueno. I’m about to curl up in bed with a special little pug and some magazines. But first things first…

This morning I was in a huge rush (and still managed to get to class 10 MINUTES LATE… way to make a good first impression, H-bomb) so threw together a quicky breakfast of an Ezekiel english muffin, almond butter and a sliced banana:


I only had time to eat half and then passed along the rest to Brian.

Classes were great! Here’s my schedule this semester:

  • Monday: 11-2 Advanced Pastry
  • Tuesday: 8-10:50 Hospitality Supervision; 11-2 Advanced Pastry
  • Wednesday: OFF!!!!!
  • Thursday: 7-10pm Intro to Hospitality
  • Friday: 8-2 Advanced Food Prep

The hospitality supervision class is one of those necessary evils in working towards the culinary arts degree. Mandatory but not terribly exciting.

The advanced pastry class, on the other hand, is going to be AWESOME. I wish I could show you guys my entire syllabus… we’re covering creme brulee, sacher torte, mousses, ice creams, sorbets, truffles, steamed pudding (Brian’s fave), all kinds of dessert sauces. I’m so excited for this class! And lots of photos will be posted, don’t you worry.

We got out of class early so I met my parents for lunch at the Allgood Cafe in Deep Ellum. My dad and I split a bowl of roasted red pepper soup:


And then I ordered the Main Street Salad (goat cheese, shrimp, rotisserie chicken, tomatoes, onions, avocado, sprouts, greens). I think I’ve written about this salad before:


Today was the day our soups were due for the Souper Bowl Challenge. The judging is tomorrow and then they announce the winners at Northpark on Thursday evening- which means I’m going to have to rush from that at 6 to my hospitality class at 7. I spent last night tweaking the recipe and at almost midnight- after TWO batches of soup (one was ungodly spicy)- finally finished. So, as promised, here’s the recipe!

Spicy Sweet Potato Soup with Cilantro-Lime Pesto
Serves 4

2 Tbs Olive Oil
1 Medium White Onion, Chopped
2 Garlic Cloves, Chopped
4 Cups Sweet Potatoes (peeled and cut into 1” cubes)
3 ½ Cups Reduced-Sodium Chicken Broth
2 Tbs Creamy Peanut Butter
1 Tbs Minced Ginger
2 tsp Fish Sauce
1 ¼ tsp Kosher Salt
1 tsp Ground Cumin
½ tsp Ground Black Pepper
½ tsp Ground Coriander
¼ tsp Turmeric
1 Cup Light Coconut Milk
½ tsp Crushed Red Pepper

• 1 Cup Fresh Cilantro Leaves
• 4 Tbs Olive Oil
• 2 Tbs Fresh Lime Juice
• 1 tsp Lime Zest
• ½ tsp Kosher Salt


1. Heat 2 Tbs olive oil in Dutch oven over medium-high heat. Add onion and garlic and sauté until onions are soft, approximately 5 minutes.

2. Add cubed sweet potatoes and stir to coat in olive oil. Add chicken broth, peanut butter, ginger, fish sauce, salt, cumin, black pepper, coriander and turmeric. Bring to a boil and then reduce heat to low and cover. Simmer until sweet potatoes are soft.

3. Puree mixture with a stick blender until completely smooth. Add coconut milk and crushed red pepper and stir to combine.

4. To make the pesto: Combine cilantro, olive oil, lime juice, zest and salt in food processor. Process until smooth.

5. Spoon sweet potato soup into bowls and drizzle each bowl with 1-2 tsp of pesto. Serve.

The coconut milk, lime juice, cilantro, and fish sauce give this a Thai taste. You can add more red pepper if you like it spicy. And I know you do. You could also easily make it vegetarian by substituting veggie broth for chicken. Let me know if you try it! That’s a long list of ingredients, but it comes together really quickly.

Finally, for dinner I dragged a package of Whole Foods Butternut Squash Ravioli out of the freezer and combined it with a sage browned-butter sauce from Everyday Italian. Not the healthiest dish (hello there, stick of butter!), but fried sage is a gift from god. And I did add some veggies and grilled chicken.


Off to bed I go. Hope you guys had a lovely Inauguration Day! I feel like I missed out on a lot of it because of classes.

OH- and I’m glad to hear that many of you take as long as I do to get ready in the morning. Too bad I still look like crap.

*Survey Time*

What’s the one food/beverage that you could never, EVER in a million years give up?

Pickles. Love them. And ketchup.

(I just asked Brian that question and he said, “Grilled cheese.” I asked him what he thought I could never give up…



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11 Responses to Never Gonna Give You Up

  1. annie says:

    oh man, i’ve had a schedule where i had a night class and a very early 7:30 class the next day. i was tired all the time. you look like you have a lot of time though. good luck with your classes!

  2. gammypie says:

    I’m with you Heather! I have to have ketchup for everything! As for my husband, he can’t live without Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese.

  3. yet another Heather says:

    I cannot live without ketchup (I put it on WAY too many things) and coffee. Just the smell of coffee puts a smile on my face.

  4. heatherwlu says:

    Chips and salsa, hearts of palm, cheese…..Love, Mom

  5. Tammy says:

    Cheese and diet coke. the two basic food groups.

    That soup looks absolutely amazing!!! I am going to have to try it this weekend. Also, I am eager to try the pesto with the cilantro. Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Rose says:

    I hope you win the Souper Bowl Challenge! That soup looks good but spicy – I can’t do :(

    Good question! I’d have a hard time giving up ketchup, coffee and oatmeal.

  7. Hangry Pants says:

    I am so jealous of your classes. One day let’s pretend I am you and I go to pastry class!

    Your soup looks great! Good luck in the contest.

    I think my food that I would be sad to give up would be … yogurt.

  8. heatherwlu says:

    Rose- Does “heat” spicy bother you, or just the addition of lots of spices? Because if it’s the heat part then you could definitely leave out the red pepper…

    Y’all are funny! I predicted the coffee and oat responses, but not cheese!

  9. Sammie says:

    I couldn’t live without peanut butter and possible tea. I bet that soup is amazing especially with the coconut milk, mmmmm. Yeah, the Moosewood cookbook I have is amazing. There are so many yummy recipes that I must try. What are your favorites?

  10. annie says:

    yeah in n out is soo good. i think they pride themselves on freshness and you can see through the drive through windows that people are cutting the veggies and a guy putting a real potato through a french fry cutter. you should try it when you’re ever in california!

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