Taco Joint

Taco Joint is one of those places that just kept popping up into conversation. We first heard raves about the breakfast tacos a while back but never managed to make the trip- mainly because they’re closed on Sundays (which, as everyone knows, is Official Breakfast Taco Day… or should be) and only open for breakfast and lunch the rest of the week.

This past Saturday Brian had the genius idea to check it out. I texted my brother to get his opinion on the place: “It’s the jam.”

I don’t know what this means, but I think it’s good. So away we went.

First impression: Really? It’s located in quite the sketchy strip center off of Gaston. Were it not for the PACKED parking lot, I probably would have begged off and ended up at Garden Café instead. It’s nicer inside, though. Kind of industrial, but with hip artwork and even hipper clientele. Word has definitely spread.

Walk in, get in line behind 10 other people, and order at the counter. The menu is huge and a little daunting. Luckily the brother had made a few recommendations. I ended up with a breakfast taco consisting of steak fajita, egg and cheese; and “The Sophie”- a vegetarian option with carrots, potatoes, zucchini, red and yellow peppers, mushrooms and onions topped with jack cheese in a whole wheat tortilla. The prices are very reasonable; the tacos range from $1.69 to a whopping $2.69, though the burritos can get up to around $6. Still a great deal.

It’s a casual place. Drinks are self-serve, as are the salsas (roja and tomatillo) and jalapeno ranch. We ordered chips and guacamole. The chips were the good, thin, crispy kind- but insanely greasy. I’m think we just ended up with the dregs of an old batch. The guac was tasty, the salsa roja was AMAZING, and I could have poured the jalapeno ranch on everything (which, let’s be honest, I did).

After a few minutes of munching on chips, they called our name. My fajita and egg taco:


And The Sophie:


These were delicious! Weirdly enough, I was most impressed by the tomatoes. They tasted like they had come straight from the farmer’s market. Perfect. The steak fajita was tender but with just enough chew to keep things interesting.

As far as the veggie taco, the mix was well seasoned and the potatoes were a nice meat alternative. If you get this, be sure to pour on the jalapeno ranch. Mmm.

So I’m ready to go back for another visit… as I said, the menu is pretty large and everything sounds delicious, though I’d be hard pressed to not order tacos again. It’s the jam.

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0 Responses to Taco Joint

  1. runeatrepeat says:

    “It’s the jam” is my new catch phrase. Thanks.

  2. gammypie says:

    Breakfast tacos are the best! I have to check this place out.

  3. Matt says:

    I like this place, but I think it is a little over hyped. To be honest, I have only had the chorizo, egg, and cheese and the potato, egg, and cheese variety (I got the 6 pack or whatever they call that, Gaston Grab, maybe?). I didn’t like that I couldn’t sub bacon for the potato, especially since they weren’t all that crowded when I went.

    I like Taco C breakfast tacos a little more, but, once again being honest, I think Taco C has some of the better cheap breakfast tacos around. I guess I should give Taco Joint another shot and try the fajita meat variety before I totally write this place off as a fad.

    The place down there I really want to try though is Chapman’s Chili Kitchen, but I am holding off until the temperatures drop off a bit. For some reason, eating a hot bowl of chili in 105 degree weather just doesn’t seem right to me…

    • heatherwlu says:

      Does Taco C = Taco Cabana? If so, I agree. Their breakfast tacos are a pretty great deal.

      I haven’t heard of this chili place… is it in Dallas? I’m going to look it up

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