Who Done It

I may or may not have just finished watching the Duggar special… good god, that was emotional. Baaaaad idea.


Great weekend! It was pretty low-key, for the most part. I’ll give you the highlights.

Friday night we grabbed dinner at Peggy Sue BBQ in Highland Park. One of my favorite things to do before eating at a restaurant for the first (or second, in this case) time is to read the Yelp! reviews for recommendations on what to order. Two items consistently came up in the reviews: Jalapeno-Cheese Griddled Bread and Fried Pies.

So. We started with the bread:

Doesn’t look like anything special, right? It’s from Empire Baking Company and SO GOOD. Very crunchy-cheesy.

I had a salad and the Hoppin’ John (black eyed peas, rice and shredded pulled pork topped with caramelized onions).

Their salad bar is pretty old school, but I love that they have real spinach (not baby), fresh bacon and homemade dressings. And the Hoppin’ John is awesome… and less than $6!!!! I would order it for the onions alone.

So for dessert we split a cherry fried pie. I pictured one of those glazed gas station fried pies in the paper wrapper. Not so much. The outside of this almost tasted like a funnel cake- very soft and light. Very tasty. Next time I want to try the apricot.

(And by the way, sorry for the iPhone pics… I forgot my camera.)

Saturday was Mama’s (and Daddy’s) big night out. Lauren hosted a 1920′s themed murder mystery party at her house to celebrate her birthday. Brian was “Mayor Biggs” and I was his wife, Mabel. Do I look like a Mabel?

Other party pics. Don’t worry- the cigs are all props :)

So much fun! Thanks to my parents for babysitting. Jack said that he had a wonderful time and wants to do it again soon.

Finally, I tried quite an interesting recipe tonight. For some reason I pulled out Rachael Ray’s Big Orange Book and realized that there are a LOT of recipes in there that I want to try. On the menu tonight was the “Sweet N Saur Cabbage Soup.” Okay, the ingredient list sounds… interesting: ham steak, cabbage, sauerkraut, honey, hash browns, dill, apple cider, white beans. Weird, right? But it works.

It definitely has a little tang to it, but the sauerkraut mellows out a lot during cooking. If you like German food, you’ll enjoy this soup. Next time I want to toss in some fennel seeds. Oh- and it makes a TON. It’s actually a pretty healthy- and inexpensive- dish.

So there’s our exciting weekend! Off to bathe Little Man and then catch up on laundry. Oh, the excitement never ends…

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  1. Erin says:

    The Duggars are addicting!

  2. Rose says:

    What a fun looking party! You guys look great.

  3. Evan Thomas says:

    Cherry fried pie? Holy yum!

  4. Runeatrepeat says:

    Yeah for a fun party!!! You guys look so cute :)

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