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I’ll be honest with you: today’s breakfast and lunch were nothing to write home about. Lean Cuisine may have been involved. So let’s move on to dinner, shall we?

Brian and I always get really excited when a new restaurant opens in Lake Highlands. We don’t have many options in our area, though it does seem to be getting better. I recently read about a new burger joint that opened at Skillman & Audelia, Burger Spot. They advertise “gourmet burgers” (Though that’s kind of the trend right now, eh? Twisted Root, Village Burger Bar, Who’s Who…) but more exciting to me is that they use all organic beef and produce from local growers. And their cups are made from corn!

It’s true.

The menu is pretty standard burger fare, though they do have some creative toppings- refried beans, anyone? And apparently they make their mac and cheese from scratch. The kid at the next table ordered that and at first glance I thought it was creme brulee. It was served in a little rectangular foil dish and the top looked almost carmelized (in a good way). I kept staring at it and probably creeped the poor kid out.

A nice touch: They give you free popcorn!

One review I read online said that they got dill pickle-flavored popcorn.  I was a little disappointed that ours just tasted like regular old butter… though it did have a lot of black pepper sprinkled on top.

I was pretty overwhelmed by all of the burger combos. The Wild Bill Burger sounded interesting (beef with diced olives, jalapenos and tomatoes cooked inside the patty, topped with cheddar) so I went with that. I was a little disappointed/surprised to find that it was served with just meat and cheese on a bun.

Though they were happy to bring me lettuce, tomato and pickles when I asked…

Verdict? Tasty. I LOVED the chopped olives inside the patty. I may be wrong but they kind of tasted like kalamatas-? The jalapenos gave it a nice kick, too.

Brian gave up fried foods for Lent (and unlike me he actually sticks with his Lenten promises), but I got the shoestring cut french fries. And then taunted him with them.

We’ll definitely be back. The staff was super friendly and the food was great. I was happy to see that they seemed to be doing really good business tonight… though that might have something to do with the coupon we received in the mail yesterday.

On a side note, Brian got REALLY excited when he saw the Pokey O’s car parked in front of an empty retail space next to Burger Spot. Sadly it just belonged to someone eating inside the restaurant. LH is not getting delicious ice cream-cookie sandwiches anytime soon.

Finally, JACK. Duh. You didn’t think I could get through an entire post without talking about him, did you??

Don’t you wish you had this much fun grocery shopping?


What are your favorite burger toppings?

PS- I finally added my cookbook project to the “Reviews” tab (top right)!

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0 Responses to Burger Spot

  1. gammypie says:

    Mayonnaise is a must. As a kid I would only eat my burger with mayonnaise and pickles ONLY.

    Now, I prefer my burger loaded with mayo, lettuce, tomato and pickle. Onion optional.

  2. Evan Thomas says:

    I’m simple when it comes to toppings. Salt and ketchup. If it’s a fish burger, I must add some sort of salsa, though. Peach salsa on a salmon burger–yum!

  3. wlubake says:

    I’m a purist. Mustard, lettuce, tomato and pickles. Anything else is a distraction/gimmick.

    The only way for an adult to have that much fun in a grocery store is to be there watching the baby have so much fun.

  4. wlubake says:

    Oops, cheese is ok too.

  5. Joy says:

    I like green chili cheeseburgers–cheddar cheese.

    I feel like Jack is growing up so fast! He is even starting to fill out his clothes instead of swimming in them! Such a cute smile :)

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