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Forgive me if this post is a little scattered- I’m half blogging, half watching Top Chef. I’m so excited that Eric Ripert is a judge this season! Does that mean that Toby Young is gone?

Jackster was up at 6 this morning to eat… but then went back to sleep until almost 10. THAT’S my boy. By the time I got us both dressed and him fed again (brunch?), it was late and I ended up just having coffee for breakfast. Bad, I know.

My mom was planning to pick up my dad for lunch, and she called and asked if we wanted to meet them at Matt’s to “surprise” my dad. I said sure, because: 1. Yes, of course you can buy me lunch, and 2. It’s so cute to watch both Jack and my dad light up like a pair of Christmas trees when they see each other. Love it.

My lunch = Veggie Fajitas.

My mom needed to run to IKEA this afternoon, so Jack and I tagged along. Our afternoons have been so stinking boring lately that I probably would have jumped at the chance to go anywhere- but luckily I love, love, love IKEA.

My exciting purchases? A wastebasket, a magazine holder, and this cute tray.

I made my poor mom wait in the snack bar line for like 10 minutes to get me a frozen yogurt. At one point she turned around and mouthed, “How much do you really want this?

Um, a lot. Hello? It’s $1. How can you NOT get one?

Apparently karma is a bitch though, because I let Jack have a little lick of my yogurt. Mistake. It was all sweet and “Haha- the baby likes ice cream!” until he lunged for the cone, grabbed the yogurt (the YOGURT, not the cone) with both hands, then shoved one chubby little hand down my nursing tank and wiped the other across the front of my shirt.

That’s right. Just call me ol’ Yogurt Boobs.

We finally pulled it together and got the hell out of there. Once Brian got home I handed over The Senator and headed out for a run. Third day in a row- woohoo! It’s crazy hot out but it’s nice to just be able to be outside and listen to music and just space out for a while.

We tried to hit up Tony’s for dinner, but once again it was packed and there was long wait. I’m really happy that our little neighborhood place is doing so well- but now it seems like we have to get there at 5 to eat. Oh well, I guess there’s always takeout.

We ended up at Sali’s instead. My main dish was the Vegetarian Salad:

(There are some veggies under all that cheese, I promise.)

But I couldn’t pass up a side order of pasta with mushrooms.

Oh oh oh! Guess what? Jack is saying “Mama” now! Well, we’re 90% sure he is. It starts out as “Bababababa” but then the “B” kind of turns into an “M”… so it’s coming along. Slowly but surely.

G’night all! Time to shower off the fro-yo.

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2 Responses to Cool It

  1. gammypie says:

    I haven’t been back to Tony’s since I was in my first trimester. For some reason, everything tasted like dishwater to me. I know, gross. We tried takeout one other time while I was pregnant and I just couldn’t do it. Dishwater again. Note; I didn’t feel that way before I got pregnant. I need to give it another go around, but I can’t get that taste out of my mouth.

  2. Jocelyn says:

    That tray is sooo cute! Love Ikea :)

    It must be so exciting to hear some words forming from Jack! :)

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