It’s A Zoo

Wow, evenings go way too fast. It doesn’t help that Brian’s been working later- tonight he got home at 7:15, so I pulled dinner out of the oven, handed over Jack, and headed out for a run. Brian fed Jack while I ran, then when I got home it was time to put him to bed. Not ideal, and it is SO tempting to just skip the workout- but I’ve managed to fit in 3 runs this week and they improve my mood about 200%.

(Yeah, I know. I should run in the mornings and then this wouldn’t be an issue… but, you see, I like to sleep. A lot.)

We had a fun, busy day today. We met Alex and Ella Grace (and respective mommies) for breakfast at Chick Fil A before heading to the zoo. The highlight of our breakfast was spotting our local weather guy, Greg Fields. I very dorkily asked him if we were going to have nice weather this weekend. He was like, “Uh, yep- it’s supposed to warm up!” And then he walked to the back booth and ate his breakfast facing the wall. Hahaha- poor guy just wanted to enjoy his chicken biscuit in peace!

The zoo was great! We started out riding the monorail through the Africa exhibit. Jack was excited to see the zebras and okapis. He said, “HI PUP-PAY!” to EVERY SINGLE animal we saw: ostriches, elephants, cheetahs. Everything is a puppy in Jack’s world.

About 5 minutes into the monorail ride, Jack, Ella Grace and Alex wanted out of our laps.

Luckily we had our own car. Jack spent the rest of the ride stealing Ella’s snacks.

The big highlight of the day was feeding the giraffes.

It was SO cool; they come right up to you and take big leaves of romaine from your hands with their crazy purple tongues. It’s so funny- the carousel at the zoo terrified Jack, but he had no problem at all hand-feeding a giant giraffe.

Last week I ran across this recipe for BBQ Chicken Enchiladas and knew I had to try it. If you remember, I assembled this last night and then we ended up going out to eat. I was concerned that the enchiladas would turn out soggy- but not at all! They were great!

The filling is a mixture of shredded chicken (I cooked mine in the crockpot), BBQ sauce, enchilada sauce, cheese and onions. I altered the recipe a bit by using half red enchilada sauce and half green- because that’s what we had in the pantry- and all cheddar cheese instead of half colby jack. For the BBQ sauce I used Stubb’s… because it’s the best.

Served on top of brown basmati rice, with roasted brussels sprouts.

Not to bore you guys with more coupon-talk, but I found a really good deal today: 1 year subscription to Self magazine for $3.99! That’s the cost of ONE issue. I subscribed today. Now if only I could find a good deal on Lucky mag… my subscription expired a couple months ago and I need to renew asap.

Have a great weekend!

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