We kicked off the weekend right with a nice little date night on Friday. One of Brian’s friends sent him a gift certificate to Bob’s Steak & Chop House as a thank you for helping him with some work, and my parents let Jack spend the night so we could have an evening out. This was my first Bob’s experience. I didn’t eat red meat for 10 years so I wasn’t clamoring to go there, and now that I’m back on the cow, per se, it’s not like we’re running out to fancy dinners all the time. I doubt Bob’s would be too thrilled with Jack’s stick-on placemat (swiped from Chick Fil A… now you know my dirty little secret).

Anyway, I knew I would love this place as soon as I saw the giant jar of pickles on the table. Forget bread, every restaurant should give you pickles to gnaw on while you peruse the menu.

I started with the beefsteak tomato & red onion salad with blue cheese.

That is a LOT of blue cheese. This salad was fabulous once I determined the best way to attack it.

Brian had the NY Strip and I had a filet:

This picture definitely does not do it justice, but this was probably the best steak I’ve ever eaten. I just didn’t want to haul out my giant Canon in the restaurant. Seriously, we have half in the fridge right now and just writing this is making me want to go wolf it down cold. Super tender and buttery. It was a tough decision between the garlic smashed potatoes and the skillet potatoes with peppercorn gravy, but I think I made a good choice.

We get so excited about date nights that we try to squeeze way too much in and then end up exhausted. Like we should have just called it a night after dinner and headed home (seeing as we were in a food coma already). But no. We were determined to fit in a movie, too. So we headed to Northpark- our first choice, Bridesmaids, was sold out so we ended seeing Water For Elephants… at 11:10. TOO LATE! I liked the movie (not as good as the book, naturally), but was trying so hard to stay awake.

The rest of our weekend wasn’t too noteworthy. We met Jack’s friend Ella and her parents for dinner at Mariano’s on Saturday, then today was all errands and cooking. It was GORGEOUS out today and I managed to fit in a run, which was awesome.

My friends Kelsey and Chandler reminded me of a recipe that I’d totally forgotten about: BBQ Chicken Enchiladas. And then of course I couldn’t stop thinking about them and had to whip up a batch tonight.

If you make this, I recommend thinking ahead and cooking the chicken breasts in the slow cooker (on high for 4 hours, along with a cup or 2 of chicken broth and a packet of taco seasoning). The chicken has more flavor and is much easier to shred. I poached mine on the stove today and they were not as good.

Also… do yourself a favor and do NOT buy Las Palmas enchilada sauce. I bought the mild red today and it was disgusting. Super bitter and not mild in the slightest. I ended up tossing it and using Albertson’s brand green enchilada sauce instead. We needed mild so that it would be okay for Jack, too.

Anyway, enough yapping. Here it is:

Along with black beans (cooked with a drained can of diced tomatoes, lots of cumin and a little cider vinegar) and roasted brussels sprouts.

Alright kids, that’s all I’ve got. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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2 Responses to Steak

  1. Caroline says:

    Oh, I agree on the sauce. I actually made it for my cousin when she had her baby and used that Las Palmas on it. Wasn’t until the next day that I tried some leftovers that I had set aside for us to eat as dinner and it was awful!!! Oh well, guess she probably thinks I’m the worst cook ever, now! I’m going to have to try the chicken the way you’ve suggested. I’ve just cooked it in the cast iron and then chopped it up. Love it with good enchilada sauce!

  2. Emlod10 says:

    Bridesmaids was HILARIOUS-i actually found myself crying i was laughing so hard. another excuse date night!

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