One Little Monkey…

Hey guys! Yeah, major bummer about the rings. My mom and I are actually heading back up to the lake tomorrow to do one more look-through just in case, and probably will check out any local pawn shops, too. The police officer who came to investigate seemed to think that whoever stole them would be most likely to pawn them in or around Dallas, rather than try to sell them near the lake… meaning that they could be anywhere, really.

On a happier note, look what we have here!

Big boy bed! Eeeeeek. I was hoping that it wouldn’t immediately occur to him that he could get out on his own, but that went out the window when he climbed in and out about 50 times in a row. He also tried to stand up and run back & forth (his favorite crib game)… let’s just hope he survives the night.

Slumber party!

It’s been a busy, busy day. We played Little Gym hooky because Jack couldn’t bear to be separated from his new train table. We did meet my sweet friend Katherine for lunch at Taco Diner and also took dinner over to Lauren, Robert and baby Caroline. Jack gave me a little preview of what life will be like when the baby gets here by wreaking havoc all over Lauren’s house while I cuddled Caroline.

For dinner I made 2 batches of BBQ Chicken Enchiladas (recipe here)- one for Lauren & Robert and one for us:

I used the Market Pantry red enchilada sauce and Stubb’s original BBQ sauce. It was SPICY (sour cream helps). This is one of my favorite recipes, though. I just cook the chicken in the crock pot for 4 hours on high with a little chicken broth and taco seasoning, then shred it before adding to the recipe. Using whole grain tortillas helps keep the enchiladas from getting soggy- though corn would probably work, too. It makes a big batch (8 large enchiladas) so you’ll have leftovers.

My parents came over for dinner and to help Brian assemble the bed. My mom brought Caesar salad and green beans to go with the enchiladas.

Fingers crossed that Jack stays in the bed for at least a solid 8 hours. We’ll see how this goes…

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3 Responses to One Little Monkey…

  1. Ok – that first picture makes ME sad. I remember when you were getting his room ready before he was born.
    So, my Mom lost her diamond necklace at my grandfather’s house when I was a little girl. EIGHT years later, we were back at his house and my mom was dusting around his dresser and found it. There is hope! I’m saying a little prayer that you’ll find your rings tomorrow.

  2. Rose says:

    Hoping you find your rings, too. Is that your dad in the bed? He looks familiar!

  3. kelsey balch says:

    ONE of our FAVE recipes! How’d the big boy do in his bed last night…

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