Southern Dinner

This past weekend we made another trip to the lake, and with that came the required East TX farm stand stop. This time we loaded up with fresh peaches, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, okra and lady cream peas (I was looking for black eyed peas but these were all they had). I already used most of the cucumbers, tomatoes and onions to make a big batch of marinated vegetables. They are GOOD, though I use so much vinegar that no one else in my family will touch them.

Tonight for dinner I made a good old fashioned turkey meatloaf, using this recipe. It’s really simple: turkey, eggs, bread crumbs, ketchup and a few spices. I usually make mine with shredded carrots and spinach, but I wanted something classic and more kid-friendly tonight. It turned out great! Jack cleaned his plate.

On the side we had green beans and Trader Joe’s cornbread, which is surprisingly good! I’m not a huge cornbread fan but this one has full kernels of corn in the mix and perfect, crispy edges. Definitely buying again once fall/chili season rolls around.

I also made the farm stand peas today. I kind of winged it and dumped the big bag of fresh peas in the slow cooker, along with some ham, fresh garlic and seasoned salt. Covered it with chicken broth and cooked on high for about 4 hours. They were perfect!

So there’s our super Southern dinner! And if you have a ridiculously picky eater like we do, these are pretty fab. I found them at Walmart this weekend (Chloe directly under my feet, as usual):

Two serving packets of fully cooked pasta that you just zap in the microwave!!! Genius! Isla never turns down pasta but I hate waiting for the water to boil, standing over a hot stove, and using an entire box of pasta (or having half-empty boxes all over the pantry) for her to only eat a few bites. These are a huge time saver. I just popped it in the microwave for one minute and then topped with butter. So easy.

Ohhh that child. She came up to me tonight and goes, “What smells SO GOOD in the kitchen??” Um, dinner. And yet she still refused to try any of it. Good times.

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