So apparently it’s just going to rain forever here. The kids had a half day today (because OF COURSE THEY DID), and naturally a torrential downpour started right when it was time to pick them up. And then kept monsoon-ing the entire way downtown to meet Brian for lunch. I actually love the storms… just at night when I’m in bed. Or when we’re camped out at home with nowhere to be.

You know what IS cool with all of this rain? My cute little herb garden!

My friend Cait (who I used to babysit, and who now has KIDS and a JOB, which makes me 100 years old…) works for a company called Gardenuity. They deliver edible, portable container gardens right to your door. I’ve tried my hand at herb gardens before and pretty much failed miserably, but I love the idea of not having to haul everyone to Trader Joe’s every time I need fresh basil. So when Cait contacted me about trying out a garden kit, I jumped at the opportunity.

A few days later a big box arrived at my door containing literally EVERYTHING you need to get your container garden started:

Planting container, herbs, soil, compost, spray bottle, little vials of mysterious plant nutrients (as well as more fertilizer and nutrients to use as a booster 30 days from now). For my herbs I received sweet basil, rosemary, dill, curly parsley, Thai basil and chocolate mint. The herbs arrived in perfect condition- I even waited a couple of days to plant them and they still looked like they did the day they arrived.

The entire planting process took less than an hour. You soak the coir tiles (which Dr. Google is telling me are made from coconut fibers) for about 30 minutes, then add them to the grow bag, followed by soil, fertilizer and finally plants. Then you spray the plants with the included nutrients… and that’s it!

I’ve already used the sweet basil on our broccoli-kale pizza the other night. The grow bag is right outside the kitchen window and the kids love checking out all of the herbs. I also love that it’s portable so you can move the garden around for more or less sunlight if needed.

So maybe this year I’ll finally keep something alive???

Anyway- very cool concept, and would make the perfect gift! I hear something is coming up on Sunday…? Or would be great for end of the year/teacher appreciation!

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  1. susan H. says:

    fyi, i know the owner of the company gardenuity..does that make me cool? her husband use to be my boss.

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