Pizza Night

Friday night usually means going out for Tex-Mex (cough*margarita*cough), but after last week’s storm/power outage/birthday/camp chaos, we were all pretty exhausted. Instead of going out for dinner, we decided to make it a low-key pizza and movie night. I had the genius idea of making pizza rather than ordering, figuring that it would be cheaper and healthier. HA! One trip to Trader Joe’s and $70 later…

(To be fair, I did buy other things. Like pickle popcorn and wine.)


Those pizza crusts are legit! I couldn’t decide between those and the pre-made dough, but these were great. They come 2 “slabs” to a package.

For the kids’ pizza, I just did red sauce and cheese. I split our crust in half and topped one half  with sauce, cheese, pepperoni and fresh basil.

I spread the second half with fig jam, then sprinkled goat cheese on top. Once it came out of the oven, I topped it with fresh arugula and then drizzled with balsamic reduction. OMG SO GOOD. It would have been fantastic with prosciutto, too.

Not a bad Friday night! I didn’t even miss my margarita. We still have a lot of ingredients left over so may have to do round 2 this weekend.

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