Weekend Recap

This is our first week of summer with NOTHING on the agenda, and it is glorious. Last night I popped a melatonin, diffused some lavender oil, turned off my alarm and slept for NINE FREAKING HOURS. Even Isla slept until 9:40. I think we’re all pretty wiped out and ready for some R&R- which is great timing because we leave for Michigan on Saturday! Cannot wait.

This weekend was crazy. Friday was Jack’s last day of camp/show-off day for the parents. Isla and I (and Jack) headed up there at 9 for mass, then he took me around and introduced me to his teachers. He chose his classes (coding, space and business) and was there from 9-3:45 for three weeks- so it was a pretty intense experience. He loved it and has already asked to go back next summer, though I do think he’s ready to have a “normal” summer schedule.

Isla’s amazing first grade teacher organized a lunch “reunion” on Friday, so we rushed from camp over to Chick Fil A at noon. Isla was SO excited to see her teacher and all of her buddies. Her grade is super small (31 kids vs. 50ish for Jack), which I love.

My parents watched the kids on Saturday night so we could attend a going away party for my sweet friend Camille. Her family is moving back to her hometown in the TX panhandle, and I’m excited for her but sooooo sad for us. She is one of the OG members of our book club (which celebrated 10 YEARS in March) and we will miss her so much!

We were up late Saturday night, and I think Brian and I were both on the struggle bus Sunday morning… which was great because we had Isla’s birthday party at 1.

We went with an elegant, understated cake this year:

HA. Isla picked it out, can you tell??

Luckily the rain held off and she had a great party! Can’t believe our baby is 7.

Today I did alllllll the grocery shopping. We hit up both Trader Joe’s and Target. I’ve been craving my fave BBQ beans and kale recipe, so I made a batch of that for dinner. We also had air fryer chicken breasts, marinated in THE BEST dressing:

Have I talked about this stuff before? It’s ridiculously good, both on salads and as a marinade.

Not the prettiest meal, but delicious. I still can’t get over how well chicken breasts do in the air fryer- they crisp up on the outside but still stay juicy inside. Love.

Right now I’m reading Miracle Creek, one of my Book of the Month picks from a month or two ago. It’s pretty compelling- I have to force myself to put it down and go to sleep every night. If you like mystery/courtroom dramas, you’ll love this one.

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  1. Valerie says:

    Thank you for bringing these kale beans in my life. I made them this weekend and they were sooo good! They also freeze really well! I did a mix of black bean, pinto bean, and light red kidney beans and they were delicious!

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