Mustard Pretzel Chicken

Well my love affair with the air fryer continues. Good thing, too, because that monster takes up like half of my counter. Another current obsession is DOT’S PRETZELS. These things are insane. I found out about them from The Sister Studio on Instagram, and then managed to snag a bag at Ace Hardware (of all places). They’re these addictive little pretzel twists that have some kind of savory seasoning- they’re basically crack. The problem is 1. they’re hard to find, and 2. they’re stupid expensive here. I think I paid around $7 for the bag, which is crazy.

However, when we were shopping at the little local grocery store in Michigan, they had TONS of Dot’s products for a lot less $$. I guess because North Dakota (where they’re made) is closer to MI? So of course I loaded up… and also found a Dot’s pretzel rub. Very exciting!

Y’all would laugh at how much food I haul back from Michigan. Mustard, dried cherries, cherry preserves, basically half of the American Spoon store…

The other night I made mustard and pretzel-crusted chicken breasts using this Pale Ale Mustard from Trader Joe’s (really good) and the pretzel rub.

I basically just coated the chicken in mustard and then dredged in the pretzel crumbs. After that I cooked the chicken in the air fryer at 390 degrees for 10 minutes, flipped it over, then 5 minutes more.

The flavor was really good and the pretzel coating crisped up well. Next time I’ll go for a thinner chicken breast cutlet, but otherwise they were great!

Tucker the kitten is adjusting well! He and Chloe are slowwwwly warming up to each other. This was them last night:

So we’re making progress!

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2 Responses to Mustard Pretzel Chicken

  1. Gina says:

    Dot’s pretzels are here at Ace Hardware.

  2. Gina says:

    Never mind…..when I re-read your post, I saw that you had already discovered that.

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