Air Fryer Salmon

Happy Monday! This morning Jack and Isla did a half-day gymnastics camp, so I was kid-free from 8-1. They’ve basically been with me 24/7 ALL SUMMER- which is great, but 1. the house looks like a war zone, and 2. they hate running any type of errand (and everything takes about 10x longer than it should because they’re hungry, thirsty, need to use the bathroom, or are wrestling in the aisles of Target…), so I have to really need something to make it worth leaving the house. All that to say, it was nice to have a few hours to get stuff done today. School officially starts one week from tomorrow and I’m already plotting my clean-out-all-the-things strategy.

I made a really great dinner tonight, though of course the kids wouldn’t touch it. I’ve found yet another thing that works beautifully in the air fryer: salmon! Who knew?? A friend recently recommended this Skinnytaste recipe for basil-parmesan salmon, and tonight I made it using the air fryer instructions. You just make a thick sauce of mayo, parmesan and fresh basil, then slather it on top of salmon filets (seasoned with lemon juice, salt and pepper). Air fried at 400 for about 7 minutes:

It was so good! Brian’s trying not to eat meat right now so I’m on the lookout for easy fish/seafood/vegetarian recipes. Loved the parmesan crust, and the fish stayed really moist (sorry) and tender. I always manage to overcook salmon in the oven.

On the side I made an arugula salad, and some “roasted” mini potatoes in the air fryer.

ALSO. If you’re at Costco, grab yourself a bag of this:

It tastes like crumbled cookies. So dang good. It’s great over vanilla yogurt (or just handfuls shoveled straight from the bag into my mouth.)

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