(Crazy) Weekend Recap

Well, we’ve had an interesting few days! Our weekend was great- trunk or treat, Nutcracker practice, birthday party, took the kids on a bike ride, got them both much-needed haircuts. We even managed to get them into bed super early on Sunday night… only to wake them an hour later in order to herd the kids (and the pets) into our interior hall bath. On our way home from dinner earlier that evening, Brian and I were commenting on how weird and ominous the sky looked. Then around 9 we were watching TV, and all of a sudden the weather guy cut in and said to take shelter immediately because a tornado had touched down near Love Field airport. That’s about 6 miles from our house, but then the news reported that the tornado was around Northpark Mall- only about a mile and a half away.

It ended up being an F3 tornado that tore a path through North Dallas and up into Richardson. We were so lucky. All we got in our neighborhood were wind and bad storms (and nothing like what we had back in June), but areas just north and west of us were demolished.

Our school was cancelled on Monday due to a power outage- which thrilled the kids, of course. Our local Alamo Drafthouse opened their doors for free G and PG movies so I ended up taking them to see Maleficent. But then today it was back to school as usual!

Dinner was a random, thrown-together mess that ended up being pretty good! I made a batch of this lemon artichoke shredded chicken, but instead of cooking it in the Instant Pot, I threw it all in the crock pot.

3 frozen chicken breasts, the juice of 1 lemon, jar of artichoke antipasto, 1 cup chicken broth, seasoned salt. Cooked on high in the crock pot for 4 hours, then shredded the chicken, poured off about half of the juice and added the chicken back to the crock pot.

We ended up making bowls by layering baby spinach, cooked couscous, shredded chicken, diced tomatoes, feta cheese and a balsamic drizzle:

Easy to throw together after practice! And chicken left over for salads, wraps, etc.

Hoping for an uneventful rest of the week!

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