Field Trips and Fire Children

Today I chaperoned Isla’s field trip to the Cathedral Guadalupe downtown. Her class is so cute and they were really good for the cathedral tour… but also REALLY anxious to get to part 2, playtime/picnic at Klyde Warren Park.

She cute. Even if she won’t look at the camera.

This week has felt really hectic. No school Monday, then yesterday we had ballet, soccer game and open house/science night at school. Today was the field trip followed by a dentist appointment to re-do one of Isla’s fillings. It was storming like crazy this evening, so after the dentist appointment I just grabbed Chick Fil A for the kids, plopped them in front of a movie and called it a night. We’re all pretty beat.

The other day at Target I grabbed this Cooking Light Soups and Stews magazine.

Literally everything in it sounds amazing. It’s finally cold(ish) and I am here for it. The first recipe I made is the Immunity Soup. I was feeling kind of run down last week and this sounded like a good, super healthy soup to have on hand. It contains tons of garlic, lots of fresh vegetables and bone-in chicken breasts. You just shred the chicken and add it, along with a bunch of kale, back to the pot at the end.


I also added the juice of 2 lemons. Also instead of chickpeas, I used these little mixed-bean pouches from Costco.

Super good, filling and makes a TON.

Ok so a couple of new snack-y finds. I’m obsessed with these frozen dark and white chocolate-covered raspberries. I found them at Target and they are the perfect late night dessert. They take a little while to eat because they’re frozen… the kids love them too.

Also these peppermint white chocolate pretzel thins from Costco. OMG. I kept seeing people post about them and snagged a bag last weekend. They are dangerous.

Finally- I flew through my October Book of the Month pick, Nothing to See Here. It won’t be released on Amazon until the 29th (Book of the Month sometimes offers pre-release options). It’s the weirdest, quirkiest story, but I kind of loved it. Basically it’s about 2 former boarding school roommates. One is married to a wealthy senator, and the other is barely scraping by, sacking groceries in the small town where she grew up. The wealthy friend hires the other to serve as a “governess” for her two stepchildren… who happen to burst into flame whenever they get angry. I know- WEIRD. But somehow really sweet, funny, and so well written. It’s a quick read, too. I just started Verity by Colleen Hoover, and I really need to get into our November book club pick, The Road Back to You. Too many good books!

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