King Ranch Chicken

Happy (almost) Halloween! Bob Ross and Eloise are pretty pumped about tomorrow. All of a sudden it’s gotten really cold in Dallas, which seems just right for Halloween week.

Given the cold and rain, Isla’s last soccer practice was canceled last night. Usually we’re throwing together the easiest dinner possible on Tuesdays (or going out), so I took advantage of the extra time and actually made a REAL meal. Pulled out the ol’ Magnolia Table cookbook again- hasn’t failed me yet- and decided to try the King Ranch Chicken Casserole. The ingredient list is a little lengthy but it really didn’t take much time to put together. One helpful tip?

This shredded rotisserie chicken from Target. AWESOME. I hate pulling apart chickens. This cost about the same as a whole rotisserie chicken at Target, but I usually end up tossing the wings and legs anyway so I see it as a wash.

ALSO. The recipe *says* that it makes one 9×13 dish… but it actually makes wayyyy more than that. I was able to fill two 9×13′s (one went into the freezer).

It’s pure comfort food. I tried to lighten it up with light sour cream, reduced fat cheese and Healthy Request soup- but there’s still a LOT of cheese in there. We topped ours with diced tomatoes and cilantro.

I’m not posting the recipe since it’s from a cookbook, but FYI if you google it you’ll find pics of the recipe. You should just go ahead and buy the cookbook though; it’s definitely worth the investment.

Have a great Halloween!!

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