Under the Weather

I’ve been feeling pretty under the weather this week. On Monday I spiked a fever that got up over 102 during the night- here’s what my sleep app recorded:

Red = sleep, black = awake. Ugh. And that’s including a nap Tuesday afternoon; only 3hrs 47 min of sleep Monday night

It was brutal! I woke up every 15 minutes either sweating or with chills. I went to the doctor on Tuesday and tested negative for the flu, so the doctor seemed to think it was just a bad sinus infection. So started a round of antibiotics and am finally starting to feel normal. The last couple of days have involved a lot of this:

Watching TV in bed with these guys. We finished the third season of Workin’ Moms today! Also Chloe doesn’t believe in personal space.

Not been doing a ton of cooking, though last night I did make this Asian ground turkey and green bean stir fry. It’s a really quick, easy, kid-friendly (well, Jack-friendly… Isla ate buttered noodles) meal. I added a bag of cremini mushrooms once the turkey was browned, then cooked them for a few minutes before adding the rest of the ingredients.

The flavor is great and not at all spicy. I added sriracha to mine. Also, I only had to buy the veggies and turkey because we had everything else on hand already- that NEVER happens!

Ok heading to bed- between this sinus stuff and the fact that it’s dark at 5pm, I’m basically on a toddler’s schedule.

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