Chili Weather

Y’all, it is COLD here in Dallas! It was in the 20′s when I drove the kids to school this morning and barely got to 40 this afternoon. I love it. Isla’s on the fence?

Obviously it’s soup weather (because when is it not?) so last night I pulled out the Instant Pot and made a batch of this white chicken chili.

It’s the first time I’ve made this exact recipe, but I’ve definitely made similar soups before: chicken, beans, corn, Ro-tel, onions, cream cheese. This one was a winner though because it’s very much dump-and-go. No sauteing, no pre-cooking the chicken.

You chop the onion, drain and rinse the beans, but then everything (including the cream cheese) goes into the Instant Pot at the same time. Then after 20 minutes- plus 10 minutes of pressure release- you just remove the chicken, shred it, then add it back to the pot. I also added a bunch of lime juice.

Served with cilantro, avocado and tortilla chips:

It was really good! Even Jack liked it, and he’s not typically a soup/stew fan.

The kids have one of their weird weeks where they have a half day tomorrow and no school Thursday for parent-teacher conferences. We have three conferences tomorrow evening, but no plans for Thursday. Excited to have a mid-week break!

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