Beginning To Look A Lot Like…

I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK. Isla’s class has their Thanksgiving play tomorrow and she is very excited about performing the “mashed potatoes song” (which has been in my head all week… maaaaaashed potatoes, mash mash potato-tato).

Isla has her last official Nutcracker rehearsal on Saturday AM, followed by bow rehearsal Saturday evening. Then we leave early Sunday morning to drive to South Carolina for Thanksgiving. Once we get back it’s pretty much nonstop activity- Jack’s birthday (10!!!!!), Nutcracker, etc.- so I really wanted to get the house decorated for Christmas before we left. It’s just nice to have that done and to be able to relax and enjoy it once we get home.

I spent all Sunday afternoon taking down Halloween decorations and stayed up late Sunday night putting up Christmas. Pretty much everything inside is done, other than getting the ornaments on the tree (Isla is chomping at the bit to get into them, so that’s probably our Friday night activity), and getting the kids’ trees set up in their rooms. I’m pushing for a tree in our bedroom this year but Brian’s not on board (YET).

Here’s the living room:

That little turd in front of the Christmas tree might be a problem. He’s been climbing the tree (see how it’s leaning slightly?) and chewing on the branches, so I’m a little nervous for our ornaments. I also swapped out our skirt for that hammered copper tree collar and he’s REALLY enjoyed climbing inside… and getting stuck.

Kitchen buffet- these are all our Santa pics through the years. I love the Pottery Barn holiday frames with the year stamped on them, though the one this year is kind of meh. I also snagged that cute Opalhouse foil tree last weekend when Target had all of their decor at 25% off (ha, just noticed the tag is still on it!). That little antique Christmas tree plate belonged to our sweet childhood neighbor who was like another grandmother to us.

I’ll try to get more pics soon once we get everything up!

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  1. Gia says:

    So beautiful. You inspire me.

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