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Hellooooo! Long time no talk. The remainder of Christmas break was a little crazy. I ended up getting flu A and was stuck in bed for 3 days, which honestly really sucked, ha. I was hoping to do some fun stuff with the kids before they went back to school, but that went out the window. Luckily my parents picked them up last Monday (their last day of vacation) and took them to Dave & Busters- which they LOVED. I also had to miss our niece’s baptism last Sunday. I did get Tamiflu, which is supposed to knock a day off of recovery time. I had fever from Thursday night through Sunday night, plus chills/aches and lots of chest congestion. It was bad; 100% do not recommend.

Anyway, I’m pretty much back to normal- though still coughing a lot. Also really happy to be getting back into a routine! And actually cooking! We had a wild day on Friday. There were some strong storms predicted for late Friday afternoon so our school opted to close early. I think everyone is still so freaked out after those October tornadoes. I grabbed the kids at 1:00 and then we just camped out at home for the rest of the day. On a whim I ended up making a version of these flourless oatmeal chocolate chip cookies from the BakerMama. I altered it a little by using chunky peanut butter and throwing in some dried cherries, but left out the walnuts.

They were SO good! And gluten-free, if that’s an issue for you. I definitely did not miss the flour at all. And in case you’re wondering the storms turned out to be no big deal.

My friends and I were texting last week about dinner ideas, and someone suggested this one-pot BBQ chicken pasta from Damn Delicious. I made it for dinner tonight and it was a hit! I used Stubb’s BBQ sauce (of course) and more than was called for in the recipe. Also topped it with sliced green onions.

Jack liked it, and we have at least 2 servings leftover for lunches!

Hope everyone is having a healthy and happy 2020 so far!

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