Sheet Pan Dinner

I’m rediscovering the greatness of the sheet pan dinner. You can’t beat it for a lazy meal- not to mention that it’s healthy, easy to prep/clean up, and versatile. The other night I made this roasted sweet potato, sausage and broccoli sheet pan meal for dinner. I followed the recipe but added an extra tbs of balsamic vinegar, and for the sausage I used turkey kielbasa. It’s very simple, but you do have to do a little babysitting since the components cook at different rates. My only complaint was that the sweet potatoes stuck to the baking sheet, so next time I might try it with red potatoes. But other than that it was great! We had it with sliced sourdough (from Aldi- it’s pretty decent sourdough and the kids LOVE it).

On Friday we got an email from the school principal telling us that Isla would be receiving the Christian Witness Award at mass on Tuesday. Every month they choose a different virtue and present the award to one child in each grade, and this month’s virtue was generosity. The kids have no idea that they’re getting the award, so Brian, my parents and I basically had to hide in the back row of the church to keep her from spotting us. She was SO excited and basically bounced up to the front when her name was called.

Super proud of her. School is not always easy for Isla, and I love that the teachers and staff build her up and recognize her strengths. It makes my mama heart happy.

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