Beef & Broccoli

Another short week! Since we didn’t have school on Monday, Isla hosted the 2nd grade girls at our house for their monthly book club (they read Ivy & Bean). I made a little charcuterie board for them (cheddar, sliced apples, almonds, pickles, hummus, pretzel thins, grapes, carrots), picked up a nugget tray from Chick Fil A, and set out some Uncrustables. After a *few* minutes of talking about the book, they spent the rest of the time running around the backyard, shooting baskets and jumping on the trampoline. Her class is tiny, which I LOVE. They’re super close, and it makes it so much easier to plan things like this when you’re talking 12 girls instead of 25.

Yesterday I picked up this new-to-me find from Trader Joe’s:

Shaved beef steak. I figured it would be good for a weeknight dinner since the shaved meat cooks so quickly. I found this recipe online for Instant Pot beef and broccoli, which was perfect because we had about half a big Costco-sized bag of broccoli in the fridge. And we’re never without TJ’s frozen jasmine rice. It’s so good.

The beef ended up being perfect for this! We had all of the sauce ingredients on hand, too, and the whole thing took maybe 30 minutes? Per the recipe, I steamed the broccoli in the microwave rather than cooking it in the Instant Pot, then just added it at the very end.

Brian and Jack both gave it a thumbs-up.

Today was cold and rainy, so I ended up just staying home and getting random stuff done while the kids were at school. I finally cleaned out the cabinets under our sink (I have a tumbler problem) and kitchen island, and this guy was just SO helpful…

Good thing he’s cute!!

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