Girls’ Night

So the kids were really hoping for a snow day today, but sadly that did not happen. Just cold and rainy… meaning indoor recess and WILD children after school. Still hoping that *maybe* we’ll see a little snow before spring hits. It’s been 5 years since our last legitimate snow day, so surely we’re due??

This past Saturday Jack had a friend sleep over, so Isla and I headed to the mall for a girls’ night. We were shopping for a dress for her to wear to a Daddy-Daughter Dance later this month, but first we grabbed dinner at Nordstrom.

She was really impressed by the automatic blinds… too bad she’s so reserved…

She has some strong opinions on what she likes (Glitter! Sequins! Anything you would expect to see on the Real Housewives of New Jersey!) and dislikes (literally everything I suggested), so I was a little nervous. But! We ended up finding a CUTE dress at Kids Atelier, which happened to be shutting its doors so everything was 70% off! It’s totally not what I would have expected her to choose, but the dress is adorable and she loves it. I’ll wait and post pics when she’s all dressed up for her dance!

Our meals have been pretty boring this week. I made a big batch of Skinnytaste’s turkey taco soup, so we had that for dinner Monday and tonight. Topped with green onions and Greek yogurt:

Last night Jack had basketball, so I made Trader Joe’s orange chicken for the kids (they LOVE that stuff), and Brian and I had these:

Shiitake mushroom chicken and cauliflower fried rice. Just cooked them both (separately) on the stove- very easy but actually really good! I had forgotten how flavorful the cauli fried rice is. Usually cauliflower rice depresses me, but this is almost as good as the real deal.

I just started watching You this week and I AM HOOKED. So creepy good.

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