Well HI! Long time no talk! Seriously though, I never intended to take this long of a “hiatus” from the blog. I’ve been writing this since 2008 (TWELVE YEARS!!!) and have never taken more than a week or two off from posting. I was going to take a week off for spring break… and then Covid hit… and then we were homeschooling… and then trying to figure out this WEIRD summer with no camps, play dates, etc. Brian worked from home for a month, which was awesome- but then they were asked to go back into the office at the beginning of May.  Our school and teachers did an amazing job transitioning to e-learning, but I’m not going to lie- Isla and I butted heads daily (hourly?) and poor Jack was left to essentially teach himself 4th grade.

So. We were all pretty happy once school was over!

Despite all the changes, summer has been good! The kids are actually scheduled to go back on August 11th. Our school is allowing families to choose between either on-campus or e-learning, but if you choose e-learning then you’re locked into that option for the entire semester. At this point we’re planning on sending them. The school has a very comprehensive plan in place for safety protocols, so unless something crazy happens or the city shuts down again, those little angels will be back in class.

Other news:

We got a Peloton! I think we ordered it at the beginning of April, but it wasn’t delivered until mid-June. I LOVE it. Obviously we’re not going to be visiting gyms anytime soon, and it’s way too hot to exercise outside during the TX summer. It’s so nice to just be able to hop on whenever and the classes are so much fun! My profile is HeatherBakes (so original!) so add me if you’re on there.

Jack was supposed to go to sleepaway camp for the first time at the end of this month. Unfortunately like ALL camps I keep hearing about, this one had some campers and counselors test positive for Covid. The camp ended up cancelling all sessions for the remainder of the summer, which was the right move- but he’s still pretty bummed about it. Honestly, I’m relieved that the camp made that call so we didn’t have to.

We did make our annual Michigan trip this summer with my parents. Brian came home last Monday and the kids and I stayed until Thursday. We ended up flying AA from DFW, which was not great. DFW was a s— show. They only had one check in area open in the terminal and were funneling everyone there (meaning you had to leave the terminal and walk outside from B1 to B30). Also zero social distancing inside the airport, boarding, or on the plane itself. We all wore KN95 masks, sat together, and sanitized constantly. And I felt better flying home because the Traverse City airport is tiny and people were wayyyyy better about social distancing. I’ve heard that Love Field and Southwest are doing a much better job during all of this, so if you have a choice I would go that route.

Michigan was wonderful, as always. It’s pretty easy to social distance there, since we stay in a house together and spend 99% of the time outdoors. We did a day trip to Sleeping Bear Dunes and took the kids alpine sledding at Crystal Mountain. But mostly they played outside, walked to the beaches, walked to town to pick up crepes for breakfast, and just enjoyed the gorgeous weather.

Now we’re back and just trying to stay cool. The kids are definitely bored, and it’s a daily struggle to pull them off of screens (Minecraft 24/7 up in here). BUT everyone is safe and healthy, and I’m very very thankful for that.

So there’s the update! With all of the craziness I don’t know how regularly I’ll be posting but will do my best… I’ve missed being on here! And like everyone I’ve been cooking A TON, so lots to talk about. Hope everyone is keeping healthy and sane (as much as possible at least).

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