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Love Day

So after a much needed Mama’s Night Out last night at Times Ten and The Cock & Bull, we were dragging a little this morning. That’s the royal “we” obviously… Jack was raring to go around 5:30am. Lawdy. It’s amazing … Continue reading

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Cabin Fever

Day 3 of being trapped in the house. Actually, it wasn’t too bad. Jack slept until 8:30 (NICE) and took a good, long nap, which definitely helped. Brian went in to work today, and both Jack and I were very … Continue reading

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Oh Deer

Who has two thumbs and refused to nap today? THIS GUY! I was so convinced that he was going to take a monster nap, too. As I mentioned, we hosted the playgroup today… and you would think that 10 babies … Continue reading

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Pop Goes The Tree

We’ve had quite the holiday-ful weekend. Baking, Christmas lights, baking, hanging out with friends, baking, baking, baking. On Friday we took Jack out to the Gaylord Texan to look at all of the holiday decoration. Check out the tree: Jack’s … Continue reading

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Have A Nice Trip

Can I just say how much I love my neighborhood? Before we had kids, Brian and I never attended any of the neighborhood activities or meetings, but now that Jack’s here we’re trying to be more involved. It turns out … Continue reading

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How I Spent My Weekend

I just spent the past 45 minutes trying to rock Jack to sleep and my arm is all pins and needles. That, plus the fact that I have lots and LOTS to write about has led to the executive decision … Continue reading

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Well, it’s just me and The Senator tonight. Brian is currently playing in his… wait for it… KICKBALL CHAMPIONSHIP. So at the moment Jack be jumpin’ and I be bloggin’. And later we be clubbin’. Remember how I told you … Continue reading

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Friends & Family

So I win the Bad Mommy Award this weekend. I don’t think Jack’s been to bed before 9:30 since Tuesday- and last night it was close to 11. Poor baby. SPEAKING OF… check out a few of the a-mazing photos … Continue reading

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Congrats Grads!

I’m taking a deep breath, because this is the official start of a marathon week. Actually, I guess the craziness began this weekend. Family party tonight, MGMT concert on Tuesday, and then our sister-in-law, Christi, comes into town from TN … Continue reading

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You know what’s the best idea ever? Deciding to get into Lost- having NEVER watched an episode- exactly one month before the series finale. Not me, Brian. If you’re counting, that’s 121 episodes… i.e., dedicating exactly 90 hours and 45 … Continue reading

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