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Summer’s Comin’

It somehow just occurred to me that we’re already more than halfway through April, meaning that it’s almost May, meaning that in just over a month we’ll be pretty much living in the pool, meaning that I’m going to have … Continue reading

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Dining Out

Today was pretty crammed full o’ fun: Friends, food, sunshine, running. Jack started it off with a bang by sleeping until 9:15 (he was up to eat at 4am but we’ll just let that one go). Breakfast was my old … Continue reading

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Snip Snip

Remember that amazing, awesome Chevy Sweet Hunt last weekend? Well Chevy just sent me a super cute video that they put together from footage taken during the scavenger hunt. Makes me want to do it all over again. Hear that, … Continue reading

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Birthday Twins

Oh man, we had one exhausted boy tonight! The first week of December is big for our family; Jack’s birthday is the 1st and my mom’s is the 2nd. So we have lots to celebrate! Tonight we headed to Patrizio’s … Continue reading

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We’ve been getting creative with the Thanksgiving leftovers ’round here. Usually I just make a thousand turkey sandwiches (or if we get crazy- maybe, maybe, Nigella’s turkey hash from How To Eat, recipe here). Jack and I polished off the … Continue reading

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I Heart Ikea

One thing I’m liking about this new layout? Larger font! Much easier on these old lady eyes. Now that Jack’s eating “real people” food, we have fun things in the house like Goldfish, string cheese, bananas and apple juice. It’s … Continue reading

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Today was the first time in forever that I haven’t woken up with the covers kicked down to foot of the bed. The house was actually a little chilly!!! Jack woke up to eat (for the 2nd time- the first … Continue reading

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Have A Nice Trip

Can I just say how much I love my neighborhood? Before we had kids, Brian and I never attended any of the neighborhood activities or meetings, but now that Jack’s here we’re trying to be more involved. It turns out … Continue reading

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Hey hey. Well this is sure turning out to be a BUSY week! Jack decided to get up extra early this morning (AND after having gotten up in the middle of the night for a 2am feeding), so I dragged … Continue reading

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Early Bird

Today started out the way that I wish all days would start- that is, if I wasn’t such a lazy ass. Jack woke up to eat around 6, so instead of passing out again per usual, I actually got up … Continue reading

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